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« Я пишу эти строки, а она толкает меня под локоть и ежесекундно, как древняя Клеопатра не менее древнего Антония, манит меня к ложу. »

Моя « она »,
Monsieur Tchekhov


joyeux noël (6)

Les merveilleux bijoux de Salvador Dalí


« la Reine de qui le coeur bat constamment pour son peuple »



Don’t f*ck with Hope.

« Before becoming Hell’s queen, Lady Death was an ordinary young woman named Hope in medieval Europe. Her father, Matthias, was a demon-worshipping warlord and practitioner of witchcraft, whose crimes against his people caused them to turn against his daughter. She was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake, but before the flames consumed her, she recited an incantation she overheard her father use, calling forth a demon. She brokered a deal with it to enter hell in exchange for her willing renouncement of her humanity. » Ici.

(Don’t f*ck with me.)





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